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We live in an era of change and digital transformation that has a huge impact on your business and unseen Risk towards your projects is always in the background.

The isearchplant platform provides the responsible engineers, supervisors, and chief mechanics with the required information to source directly and accurately required information on plant hire machinery as well as on suppliers.
 And to forward such information towards Procurement officers for consideration and approval with the required information. Taking into consideration the requirements of ISO9001:2015 with regards towards taking a factual risk based approach towards the procurement process.
 Legal considerations and purchase specifications for all goods listed on the procurement platform takes into account relevant legislative requirements that is current and standing and evolves on a continual basis.
 Relevant subscribers towards the procurement platform has direct access towards health, safety and risk – addressing all risks. All ISO needs towards project requirements can be addressed. The platform allows pre-purchase assessment to be performed faster and more factual towards any procurement platform. The unique manner of the isearchplant procurement platform allows post purchasing of products to be factually analysed before the required pre purchase assessment is performed
Plant hire and suppliers can also benefit from a procurement platform.
Managing your suppliers within the plant hire and suppliers industry is more crucial than ever before especially in this new and exciting digital age taking into account project related risks.
When you use the platform you know that each company listed in the directory has been verified according to the basic requirements of today’s procurement and legal needs. You do require a partner that is local, and that understands the basic requirements and that takes a holistic approach towards your procurement process. That can work in partnership with you in managing the suppliers you want to procure. And that understands your supplier’s needs as well
  • iSearchplant can fit thousands and accommodate all plant hire and suppliers across the breadth and depth of South Africa.
  • Ensure there are no downtime towards specific phases of a project with regards to unduly incorrect sourcing.
  • Be rest assured your project is undertaken with a risk based approach each time.

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