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31st January 2018
Health and Safety Nolwazi MSRM ISO implementation
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7th October 2018
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Health and Safety – Nolwazi MSRM

Health and Safety Nolwazi MSRM ISO implementation

Health and Safety Nolwazi MSRM

Health and Safety Nolwazi MSRM ISO implementation

About Us

Nolwazi MSRM  is quickly gaining strong traction within the South African market as trusted Health and Safety innovators who are fully committed to protecting people and businesses to help save lives. Through the use of innovative technologies, we are continually developing simple and easy to use systems to aid compliance.


Nolwazi MSRM  is committed to supporting businesses to deliver health and safety requirements that meet health and safety legislation. Nolwazi MSRM  utilises innovative technology to manage daily processes and the conducting of physical compliance auditing, all of which show a clear due diligence and best practice in order to assist visitors, staff and contractors return to their families at the end of their working shift.


Nolwazi MSRM is a team of professionals in Health and Safety, Facility Management, supporting some of South Africa`s leading companies. With over thirty years of experience working in the United Kingdom and South Africa, Nolwazi is best equipped to support your business due to our sector experience, innovative visitor software solution and national coverage capability. Today, the Nolwazi MSRM business operates across five key areas;


(2) Risk Manager,

(3) TrainSafe,

(4) Nolwazi MSRM Health and Safety Consultancy, and

(5) HealthSafe Apparel, Uniforms and PPE.


After more than a decade in the Health and Safety industry across South Africa. Mrs Yasmeen Singlee and Eloise Marais came together after witnessing together a tragic industrial incident on the mines west of Johannesburg, to establish a company that will surpass and exceed legislative requirements within the industry. As a level 2 BB-EEE company the company boasts already with strategic partnerships local and international to ensure its stays with is core focus on Health and Safety!


Nolwazi MSRM (Pty) Ltd, core business is Health Safety and Risk Solutions towards the entire scope of industry.

Complimentary to that is the supply of all relevant supply of personal protective equipment; safety equipment and engineering support supplies.

We also provide related H&S training. And have a Unique advantage above other South African companies through our strong links to international Health and Safety allegiances within the Health and Safety Community worldwide!


Matching peoples differences to business opportunities in order to create wealth for all by application of knowledge in different spheres of the

market. Through innovative solution towards Management issues.


The creation of independent viable business units under MSRM (Pty) Ltd matching our services and viable product offering providing and applying knowledge to train future entrepreneurs to a

sustainable future within South Africa. Identifying niche markets and providing suitable training to able bodied and disabled people under MSRM (Pty) Ltd from HDAC.


First world : Software solutions to the sphere of industry in South Africa proven in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

ISO Management implementation, Health and Safety Auditing and certification through our partnered Certification Body

Provision of Personal Protective equipment all international and local brands. Specific to your industry. Provision of engineering supplies all international brands supplied locally!

From its humble beginning, the company has grown into a leading supplier of wholesale PPE; Specialist Health and Safety equipment underground and surface instrumentation under the Nolwazi MSRM brand!

We support various local including well known international brands with personal protective equipment (PPE)

We carefully select our suppliers, which enables Nolwazi MSRM to provide EN certified products from ISO 9001:2015 accredited suppliers importing From around the world.

“Coming from a High risk Tempo Environment Nolwazi MSRM Understands better than anyone else, that Personal Protective Equipment must conform to your business operations expected standards including any associated safety equipment utilised to safe guard employees or operational business operations and processes that is required to be monitored in terms of Health and Safety.

We have you covered with specialist Safety equipment

The company may be contacted by to obtain more relevant information or may be contacted on +27823280967


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