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The Earthworx

Business Values

As a company we are passionate about business growth and value- and job creation. This is achieved through continuous involvement, development and sound relationships with our key stakeholders. We operate in a socially responsible way and subscribe to the principles that promote environmental harmony in all our operations.


We uphold high integrity standards in all our business dealings. We seek to create, maintain and enhance good relationships with our strategic partners and customers.

Customer Focus

All of our business processes are driven by a quest to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.


In order to be sustainable and play a meaningful role in the market, our knowledge base is continuously enhanced and expanded.


We will passionately find and develop new and better ways of adding value and growing our business.

Service Orientation

Our services offered in a reliable, prompt way while maintaining good relationships.

We are owned and managed by a black female.

 Name:                                    Ms Yasmeen Singlee

Designation:                         CEO/Managing Director        

Contact numbers:                0730343407 / 0110709401

Email:                                    yasmeen@theearthworx.com


Name:                                    Mr Hassim Hassan

Designation:                         COO/Operations Manager

Contact numbers:                0824780363 / 0110709401

Email:                                    hassan@theearthworx.com



Our expert ability to handle most forms of waste has led to the establishment of a successful demolition and industrial dismantling business, where we have gained valuable experience over the last 20 years in a varied range of tasks.

We experienced in all facets of demolition and site clearance projects including: Hand demolition.

Industrial/petrochemical and clean room environments where safety procedure and dust control are paramount.

Major demolition works with long reach excavators. We ensure that all demolition projects undertaken are managed to a very high standard, adhering to all legal legislation’s and requirements. Prior to any works commencing, careful planning is required to ensure safety, access, restrictions, timescale’s and environmental issues if any are resolved.

Where required, we prepare and submit a fully detailed Method Statement and Safety Plan. The documents include information of the risk assessment, programme of works, Health & Safety issues thus ensuring that the project is progressed and completed in a safe and efficient manner.

Offer a professional and competent approach to the removal and disposal of asbestos. All activities relating to this aspect of demolition are carried out with careful regard for and adherence to the environment and protection to our own employees and others within the working environment. Whilst working with asbestos, the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is always worn.

We can arrange anything from carrying out a type 3 asbestos survey prior to demolition to hiring a skip for disposal. Within our fleet of vehicles we have specialist asbestos disposal skips, which are covered and lockable.


Waste Management

We know that in every process of creating something, the development of waste as a by-product is unavoidable. Solid waste can be generated by a range of activities such as extracting natural resources from the earth or consuming products by way of daily human activity. In this particular area of our expertise, we manage all the activities and actions required to deal with waste from inception to final disposal. Our basic process includes collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of waste according to the industry standard regulations. We cater for (but are not limited to) residential areas, municipalities, agricultural and healthcare industries. The Earth Worx is compliant with legalities that relate to responsible waste management and gives guidance on initiatives such as recycling.


A quarry is a terrain from which classes of minerals such as stone, rock, sand or gravel are extracted. As opposed to materials that are mined, materials that are quarried are predominantly used for the building and construction industry.

When an area has been identified for quarrying, it is cut and drilled into to extract slabs of rock. If one wishes to get crushed rock instead of slabs, explosives are detonated in a hole in the ground. The force of the blast breaks up the rock into smaller, mobile, and more manageable pieces which are then collected, transported and processed to make things such as concrete. Our machinery at The Earth Worx is more than capable of efficiently and effectively conducting this process.



Mining and Open-cast mining, Rehabilitation and Reclamation

The Earth Worx is a leading full-service underground mining contractor. We provide services to clients throughout South Africa. Our expertise has been greatly developed in the industries of mine construction, mine development, production mining, mine services and engineering. The expansion of our ever-developing urban cities makes mining a necessity as a cornerstone of the industrial movement. If your company is involved in this industry, our equipment at The Earth Worx, which includes excavators, bulldozers, and dump trucks, can help with the successful completion of various tasks.


As a result of the mining activities of The Earth Worx, mine owners, as a result of the relationship of trust that we have built with them, have requested that we sell their products viz. Chrome, Coal, Iron Ore and Manganese, Gold and Diamonds. We trade in a variety of commodities and are not limited to these.


Civil engineering is a profession that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the built environment. The built environment includes (but is not limited to) structures such as bridges, buildings, dams, and roads. Almost all works created within the civil engineering discipline are those that can be easily seen and appreciated. The Earth Worx provides equipment and expertise that will work towards meeting your end goal of beautifully finished construction.

Supply of fill materials and selected layer works materials. Bulk excavations / basement excavations. Cut to fill operations. Road construction. Rock excavations – drilling, blasting and crushing.

The Earth Worx offers the following services to the construction industry:

  • Supply of fill materials and selected layer works materials
  • Bulk excavations / basement excavations
  • Cut to fill operations
  • Road construction
  • Rock excavations – drilling, blasting and mobile crushing


Your properties and buildings are some of your biggest and most expensive assets so it’s imperative that they remain in good condition. The Earth Worx provides efficient and cost-effective solutions that are guaranteed to meet the stringent requirements of building restoration whilst containing noise levels and disruption to allow for the continued operation of your building.

There are four types of building restoration: preserved, rehabilitated, restored, or reconstructed. The processes in this range from only preventing physical deterioration, restoring to original form to reviving a building that has already collapsed

Our knowledge and skill sets range across a variety of structural materials, client requirements, environmental factors and construction procedures. We are able to assess damage, advise on potential problems, and give strategic plans-of-action for your property. Our reporting system will keep you updated on progress.

Suppliers of all kinds of building sand, plaster sand, river sand, stone, G5, G6, topsoil and compost.


Land surveying involves measuring properties and areas of land to determine the boundaries of where things like roads or buildings will be constructed. Surveying also includes determining property lines (including in legal disputes) and leads to the creation of maps. The Earth Worx has qualified consultants within this field who are well-informed about the legal and precise nature of this work and can assist you with your needs in this regard. We survey most types of locations and have we have the correct technical equipment to do the job.


Providing fully integrated waste management solutions to a range of clients in the industrial, commercial, and domestic sectors across South Africa. We cater for (but are not limited to) residential areas, municipalities, agricultural and healthcare industries. The Earth Worx is compliant with legalities that relate to responsible waste management and gives guidance on initiatives such as recycling.


A drilled well is a hole bored into the ground, with the top section of it being lined with casing to prevent the hole from collapsing. Well drilling also makes use of a grout seal to prevent contaminants from entering the water supply.

We supply drilling equipment for percussion drilling ventures throughout South Africa and Africa. From the casing to the pumping mechanism to the water flow pipe, our skilled team caters for every aspect of this process. Only quality materials are used in our well construction.

  • Well Drilling
  • Concrete Drilling
  • Rock Drilling


We provide nationwide installation, maintenance and breakdown repairs to industrial infrastructures – offering the following range of fibre-optic services:

Fibre Optic installation

OTDR Testing, Certification, and fault finding

CCTV / Access control

Power meter light source

Inspection & Testing

In addition to that we are experts in the following fibre-optic services:

  • Installation of ADLASH under live-line conditions
  • Fibre optic termination
  • Fibre optic testing
  • Fibre optic repairs
  • Fibre optic network installers

The Earth Worx installs, commissions and maintains fibre-optics on existing and new infrastructures. With its wealth of experienced optical fibre specialists and business entrepreneurs, The Earth Worx provides network solutions in the installation, splicing and measurements of the following fibre technologies:

  • Aerial All Dielectric-Lash (AAD-L) Cables
  • Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) Cables
  • All Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS) Cables
  • Under Ground (UG) Cables
  • Fibre Laying / Splicing

The Earth Worx offer a comprehensive service for all aspects of fibre optic installation, from civil works through to splicing and testing, including full project management.

Fibre Testing

Test results are normally provided to the customer’s required specifications. If in the absence of any particular requirements, The Earth Worx can provide results to a recommended standard.

Fibre Laying & Wayleave Negotiation

The Earth Worx’s design service covers all the activities required to complete a fibre optic network infrastructure. Services include:

  • Creating a fundamental plan
  • Evaluating route options from a cost and engineering basis
  • Carrying out the detailed design
  • Issuing notices and way leaves
  • Liaison with all relevant parties including local authorities, traffic management authorities, transport operators and bridge authorities
  • Attending pre-start meetings with other construction partners
  • Supporting the design during construction
  • Providing “as build” documentation on completion of works.


We offer mobile park homes, site offices, polycore site built, contractor vans, transportable buildings, rentals, shipping container refurbishment and conversions and repairs to your existing units.

Our transportable buildings are cleverly designed to combine all the amenities of home or office in a convenient and robust package, built to go anywhere! Our building and installation teams are ready to install on your site and fulfil your requirements, on time and within your budget.

Mobile Park Home Units, Prefab classroom

Mobile park homes are manufactured using durable materials, quality fittings together with a quality robust design. Available in various sizes and floor plans and can be tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Polycore Site Built

Mobile park homes are manufactured using durable materials, quality fittings together with a quality robust design. Available in various sizes and floor plans and can be tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Rental Options

Mobile park homes are manufactured using durable materials, quality fittings together with a quality robust design. Available in various sizes and floor plans and can be tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Shipping Container Conversions

We can repair and refurbish existing containers. We offer open plan conversions as well as turnkey projects including fittings, furniture and office equipment.

Flat pack

Where distance and transportation problems are present our flat pack transportable buildings are the answer. Easily transportable and easily assembled whether your need is for a site office or for temporary accommodation.


All units are transported by skilled drivers and crews, using specialized low-bed trucks to ensure safe delivery of your movable assets. Once on site we can erect and commission the buildings for use.


Blasting, Drilling and Demolition services to the exact specification and expectations of our clients.

Rock Breaking and Blasting on construction sites;

Blasting for road cutting and tunneling;

Bulk Blasting;

Precision Blasting in environmentally sensitive or populated areas;

Non explosive Rock Breaking and Demolition;

Drilling of blast holes


The Earth Worx provide Forklift solutions for your needs.

Any size Forklifts for any terrain.


The Earth Worx supply a full range of cost effective, heavy duty, fit for purpose, Mobile Crushing Lines including jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, VSI crushers and double deck and triple deck horizontal and inclined vibrating screening equipment. Our Mobile Crushing Line are ideal for primary, secondary and tertiary crushing and screening applications in quarrying, mining, recycling, infrastructure and construction. Mobile Crushing Line is widely used in coal, aggregate, sand, construction and demolition (C&D) waste, mine ore, blasted rock and river gravel annually.


All kinds of Earthmoving equipment

  • Tipper Trucks – 6m3, 10m3 ,15m3

  • Slopers – 20m3 , 22m3

  • Side Tippers – 34-Ton, Superlinks, Tri-axles

  • Mobile Crushers – Crushing and screening

  • Forklifts

  • Mobile Offices

  • Articulated Trucks

  • Asphalt Pavers

  • Backhoe Loaders

  • Cold Planers

  • Compactors

  • Compact Truck & Multi Terrain Loaders

  • Dozers

  • Draglines

  • Drills

  • Electric Rope Shovels

  • Excavators

  • Motor Graders

  • Off-Highway Trucks

  • Wheel Dozers

  • Mini Loaders

  • Forklifts

  • Crushers

  • Screeners

  • Site Offices


  • We can supply a wide range of equipment to general contractors, civil engineers, ground workers, sole trader builders, factories, farmers, garden services / landscaping contractors and of course private DIY customers.
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